You received beautiful bouquet from someone. Thats is great 👍 but how do you care for them so you can enjoy them even longer. We put down some basic guidelines for caring fresh cuts also some tips for specific flowers. 

  1. Arranged in Oasis foam: Simply add fresh water mixed with flower food in to your flower arrangement. Always avoid watering the blooms. Spraying fresh water helps as well.
  2. Arranged in grid top vase: Florists use this technique to hold the stems in place. They scotch tape the vase top in grid shape. That brings little challenge to the recipient when comes to changing water. What you need to do is keep the vase arrangement intact hold it over a sink slowly dump the old water. Then add some fresh water. Gently swirl and rinse the entire vase. During this process floral stems also gets cleaned. Dump the water and add fresh water mixed with flower food. 
  3. Cut Flowers:

    • If your bouquet build in vase then trim the Stems: When you receive a bouquet, trim about an inch off the stems at a 45-degree angle. This increases the surface area for water absorption.
    • Use Clean Water: Fill a clean vase with room temperature water and add flower food if provided.
    • Remove Leaves Below Water Line: Remove any leaves that will be submerged in water to prevent bacterial growth.
    • Change the Water: Change the water every 2-3 days to keep it clean and clear.
    • Add rubbing alcohol to the water to kill off any bacteria
  4. Water:

    • Monitor Water Level: Check the water level in the vase regularly, and top it up as needed.
    • Avoid Overwater: Don't overfill the vase. Keep the water level below the leaves to prevent bacterial growth.
  5. Environment:

    • Avoid Direct Sunlight: Place the flowers in a location away from direct sunlight and drafts.
    • Control Temperature: Keep flowers in a cool room. Avoid placing them near heating vents, radiators, or electronics that generate heat.
  6. Flower Food:

    • Use Flower Preservatives: Use the flower food that comes with the bouquet. It contains nutrients to help extend the life of the flowers.
  7. Specific Care for Different Flowers:

    • Roses: Remove outer petals as they wilt, and re-cut stems every few days.
    • Lilies: Remove the stamens to avoid staining and pollen-related issues.
    • Tulips: Trim stems at an angle and place them in fresh water. 
    • Calla lilies use only 2-3" of water to avoid stem rot
    • Hydrangeas cut stems in X meaning cut once and cut across
  8. Remove Fading Flowers:

    • Remove Spent Blooms: Remove any wilted or spent flowers promptly to encourage the remaining buds to open.
  9. Hydration:

    • Mist Flowers: Mist flowers lightly with water to hydrate them, especially hydrangeas love water sprays. 
  10. Attention to Vase Cleanliness:

    • Clean the Vase: Wash the vase thoroughly before placing new flowers to remove any bacteria that may have accumulated.

Remember that different flowers have specific care needs, so it's always a good idea to follow any care instructions that come with your specific arrangement. But if you need help always feel free to contact us at Roots and Blooms.

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