Sending sympathy flowers to someone

Sending flowers for happy occasion is very common. We all know what to pick and what to write on the card. Some point in our life we all face this need of giving sympathy message to loved ones, colleagues, and friends to show your support.                                                                                             Sympathy flowers and gift baskets are a thoughtful and traditional way to express condolences and offer comfort to someone who is grieving. Here are some considerations and tips for giving sympathy flowers:

  • Choose Appropriate Flowers:

    • Select flowers that convey a sense of comfort and peace. White lilies, roses, and chrysanthemums are often associated with sympathy. We offer All lily bouquet for delivery in Washington DC area. 
    • In Chinese culture yellow mum associated with sympathy. 
    • If recipients not used to receiving flowers or its not common in their culture then gift box or plant is a wonderful choice. We offer wide variety of gift boxes and plants. Please check our gift box collection
    • In United States, sending plant such as Peace lily or dish garden is very common. 
  • Select a Tasteful Arrangement:

    • Opt for a tasteful and elegant arrangement. Simple and classic bouquets such as all rose vase or mix of white arrangements In our sympathy collection, we offer white rose vase and all white floral arrangement 
  • Include a Thoughtful Note:

    • Attach a heartfelt sympathy card to the flowers. Express your condolences and offer words of comfort. Keep the message simple and sincere.
  • Respect the Family's Wishes:

    • Respect the family's wishes regarding flowers. Some families may prefer donations to a charity in lieu of flowers, so it's essential to follow their wishes.
    • Choose Long-Lasting easy care Flowers:

      • Select flowers that have a longer lifespan, as they will provide comfort for a more extended period. Lilies, chrysanthemums, and carnations are often known for their durability. Compare to other flowers, they require less water changing. 
    Remember that the intention behind sympathy flowers is to show support, convey empathy, and offer a tangible expression of care during a difficult time. So timing matters. Flowers sent in a timely manner can provide immediate comfort during difficult time.  If you need fast assistance with sympathy flower ordering please give us a call. We are here to help. 
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