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Weekly design specials and curated gifts


At Roots and Blooms, we believe that every day is an opportunity to celebrate the beauty of life with flowers. Our Everyday Bouquet Collection is a curated selection of handcrafted floral arrangements designed to add a touch of nature's elegance to your daily moments. And to make it even beautiful we deliver free within DC area and small fee will be charge to surrounding cities.

Why Choose Our Designer Special Bouquets?

  • Freshness Guaranteed: Each bouquet in our collection is created with the freshest, highest-quality blooms, carefully selected to ensure lasting beauty.

  • Thoughtfully Arranged: We pick the seasonally available greens and blooms incorporate in to our designs. Creating floral art display each seasons beauty.

  • Versatile Selection: Whether you're brightening up your home, surprising a loved one, or expressing appreciation, our Everyday Bouquets offer a diverse range of styles to suit any occasion.

  • Long-Lasting: We understand the importance of longevity. Our bouquets are designed not only to be visually stunning but also to stand the test of time, bringing joy for days to come.

Explore Our Everyday Bouquet Themes:

  • Warm tone: A burst of yellow and orange blooms to infuse your space with warmth and positivity. We think you might like Bubble of joy

  • Pastel cool: Soft hues of pinks, blues, and purples for a tranquil and calming atmosphere. For your consideration we are offering Deep purple bouquet.

  • Vibrant Charm: Bold and lively arrangements that make a statement and liven up any room. Check out Orchid garden

  • Classic: Timeless combinations of roses and lilies for a touch of sophistication. You may like Victorian garden    

  • Perfect for Any Occasion:

Whether it's a quiet evening at home, a gesture of appreciation, or a spontaneous act of love, our Everyday Bouquets are designed to fit seamlessly into your life.

Browse our collection today and discover the joy that flowers can bring to your everyday moments.

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