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Our mission and our work

Our work is more than a flower.

"The Letter" poem written by Dr.Charles W.Eliot, less known inscription on the old DC post office building on Massachusetts Ave NW.

 Messenger of Sympathy and Love

Servant of Parted Friends

Consoler of the Lonely

Bond of the Scattered Family ...

Short but accurate description of our work at Roots and Blooms. 

THANK YOU! for visiting our online shop. We are DC local flower shop since 2012 helping people more connected and loved from afar. 

Hassle-free flower and plant gifting combined with great customer service and reliable delivery. Every week we offer limited bouquet designs which allows us to reduce our flower wastage. Keeping our bouquet the main focus, our packaging is clean, simple and recyclable without excess plastics.

Our bouquets are beautifully arranged in a vase. Also available to purchase as hand tied and its delivered with water source for freshness.  Only needs a little trim and drop in your own vase to enjoy. 

We believe  small changes make difference what we do is just better way to enjoy flower and love nature.


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